Dooitu DIY | Eco Table - Marabu Green

Dooitu DIY | Eco Table - Marabu Green

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🖌 Has the old chest of drawers had its day? But are the drawers still intact and too beautiful to be thrown away? Then recycle your drawers and turn them into completely new furniture. One drawer, four legs and a new color: that's all you need for a new coffee table

1 - Cover the work area well and prepare the working materials. Clean the drawer, if necessary, and sand it lightly with sandpaper. The wood must be clean, dry and free of dust for the paint to adhere optimally.

2 - First, color the inside of the drawer. To do this, mask the top edge with masking tape.

3 - Now paint the inside of the drawer with GREEN alkyd varnish. Depending on the color and tone of the wood, several coats are needed. The paint should always dry well between coats

4 - Once the inside of the drawer is completely dry, tape can be used to mask the inside edge and make the top edge a contrasting color

5 - Also cover the four outer sides of the drawer with the contrasting color. Allow the whole thing to dry thoroughly

🧡 other things you need

  • drawer
  • possibly a wooden lath or a wooden plate
  • masking tape
  • sandpaper

Marabu GREEN paint is suitable for preparing upcycling projects and more. The creamy paint can be applied with a brush (fur, synthetic or bristle), sponge or roller. Large areas can be easily and evenly drawn with GREEN, as individual brush strokes, placed next to each other, can be easily blended together.

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