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FIMO KIDS easter

Colored Easter decorations for a cheerful Easter celebration. If you want to do DIY with kids at Easter time, Easter eggs are the way to go. With the new extra-soft FIMO kids modeling compound from Staedtler, it's child's play. Flat Easter eggs FIMO kids can be decorated imaginatively and you can learn the basic techniques of creative design, e.g. embossing of modeling compounds.

Step by step instructions

1 - For an egg, hand-roll half a block of FIMO modeling paste until you have a thickly textured ball and form a dense egg. Cut a piece of baking paper. Then place the thick egg on the paper and flatten slightly with your hand. Next, roll out the modelling dough with a roller from the FIMO kids work&play tool set until it forms a strip about 2 mm thick. Roll lengthwise until you get a flat egg. Rolling crosswise makes the egg even wider. If the edge of the egg is uneven in one place, shape the dough with the flat stick

2 - For striped patterns, hand flatten half a block of FIMO kids modeling clay of a different color onto a piece of baking paper, then roll it with the roller until you have a sheet about 1-2 mm thick. Cut out narrow or wide strips with the blue cutting tool and place the strips on the FIMO kids egg. Press gently with your finger. Alternatively, hand roll a small piece of modeling oasta to turn FIMO kids into a thick "sausage". Arrange the "sausage" in strips, wave or heart shapes on the FIMO kids egg and press over it carefully. Cut off any "sausage" or the protruding end of the strip at the edge of the icing

3 - Easter eggs also look wonderful with polka dot designs. For a dot, roll a small piece of FIMO kids modeling paste in your desired color until you get a little ball. Place the ball on the FIMO kids egg and flatten it with your finger. If the balls are different sizes, the dots on the egg will also be different sizes. Cut off the protruding dots on the edge of the ice with the blue knife. If desired, you can also press small pieces of FIMO kids modeling paste as a speckled pattern instead of spheres.

4 - Wavy or serrated lines can be easily imprinted with the serrated cutting tool from the FIMO kids work&play set. Simply press the cutting tool with the wavy or serrated side into the FIMO kids egg. Carefully pull the knife out. The indented or wavy pattern is now visible in the egg

5 - Imprinting floral patterns using the FIMO kids work&play "Stars and Flowers" pattern roller is quick and easy. Moisten the floral pattern roller with a little water. Then roll the roller over the FIMO kids egg two or three times lengthwise or crosswise until the egg is completely decorated with floral motifs.

6 - Using the creative techniques mentioned in steps 2 through 5, you can make colored Easter eggs in the pattern mix you like. When combining with embossed designs, always punch the FIMO kids egg first with the green cutting tool (zigzag or wave pattern) or pattern roller (flowers), then decorate the FIMO kids egg further with stripes, "sausages" or polka dots.

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