Rowan Felted Tweed | Wool, Viscose and Alpaca

The secret of Felted Tweed is the light felting that undertakes small colored viscose fractions, (so-called buttoning) typical of English tweed fabrics

Felted Tweed is synonymous with Rowan and Rowan is synonymous with Felted Tweed

If you ask any fan of the Rowan Brand what their favorite yarn is, their answer will be: Felted Tweed The DK thickness and vast color palette make it the ideal yarn for Fair Isle work. Suitable for most techniques from Lace to the most elaborate textures.

Rowan Felted Tweed

Rowan Felted Tweed | A beautiful tweed effect and more than 50 incredible colors

The various shades of Felted Tweed are perfect for knitting and crocheting

This is undoubtedly the best-known yarn in the Rowan range, a world-renowned yarn that no other company can boast of. By analyzing the composition we try to understand the secret behind this iconic and much-loved yarn. The significant percentage of alpaca fiber lends warmth, the same percentage of viscose (a plant-based yarn made from cellulose) gives a silk effect that is easy to feel. But what makes Felted Tweed a special yarn is the fact that the merino wool used undergoes a light felting treatment. Merino wool, if not properly twisted, tends to release its own shorter fibers that give rise to the unpleasant pilling: here the felting process "welds" even the shorter fibers together and gives structure to the yarn. Not only that, this felting traps within it the small dots of color that constitute the buttoning of this tweed, and which characterize Felted Tweed Rowan. This subtle, unobtrusive, multicolored buttoning allows the various colors in the palette to match each other with stunning results. The soft drape and warmth of alpaca, the luster of viscose, the light felting and the subtle buttoning are the ingredients of this very successful and popular recipe. If you look closely at the yarn, you can see that it is actually two-ply, individually felted then slightly twisted to give it some strength and prevent the yarn from fraying. Strengths: - color

  • texture
  • yield
  • uniqueness This generates a slight irregularity that is characteristic and makes Felted Tweed the most suitable yarn of any for multicolor work such as Fair Isle. A yarn suitable for accessories, clothing, home furnishings: extraordinary results whether worked by needle or crochet that gives great satisfaction even to less experienced knitters. Add to this an extraordinary yield for a yarn whose count can be classified as light DK, or mt 175 on 50 grams. The list of designers who have used Felted Tweed for their patterns is very long. These include, in addition to Kaffe Fassett, Marie Wallin, Lisa Richardson, Sarah Hatton, and Arne & Carlos. Magazines and books devoted to this yarn over the years are numerous: past titles include Bloomsbury and Springtime by Marie Wallin, Kaffe's Colour by Kaffe Fassett.