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Online sale of fimo for your DIY jewelry

Fimo paste, made by the German company Staedtler, Fimo is the thermosetting modeling paste by definition.

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Dooitu sells the entire range of Fimo paste online: from the Professional designed for artists, or for those who have already worked with the product, to the unbelievable Fimo Soft, extremely soft and easy to mold. The Fimo Kids paste, perfect for children (they will have a lot of fun, guaranteed), the Effect recommended for fluorescent or glittery creations, the Air that hardens in the open air and looks almost clay, to get to the Liquid, which it will serve as glue or to simulate water in your creations. In the Dooitu do-it-yourself necklaces and costume jewelery shop, the hardness of Swarovski products meets the softness of Fimo paste: basically, Dooitu gives you everything you need for your creations.

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