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🧵 If you are a company or professional in the sector, access area b2b
🧡​ DISCOUNT up to 30% valid TODAY for a DOUBLE SAVINGS up to 60%

Bernette b79 | A fantastic sewing and embroidery machine

The b79 is the top model in the series. It offers everything creative people need: this two-in-one machine packs all the sewing functions of the b77 and the embroidery functions of the b70 DECO. So why not add a special touch to the dress made with your own hands by decorating it with delicate floral embroidery? Or are you just starting out and making your first pillow? This computerized machine, on sale at an attractive price, is what you need. Easy to use, it has a wide range of functions: your creativity will have no more limits

Easy to use, has a wide range of functions

This computerized machine, that's what you need

Your creativity will have no more limits!

Quick and intuitive navigation by touchscreen or via the multifunction knobs

Find the stitch or embroidery motif you want and optimize thread tension via the 5-inch color touchscreen positioned ad hoc in the center of the machine. Or quickly change the stitch length or width or position of your embroidery motif via the multifunction knobs

Bright and spacious, for fast and accurate sewing

You won't be left in the dark thanks to the four LEDs that illuminate the sewing area with a 230 mm space to the right of the needle. The additional free-arm top gives you more space and more comfort for large quilting and sewing projects.

Decorative and quilting stitches to add unique details

With the b79 you can hem and sew zig-zag stitches, sew shirts in stretch fabrics, and even choose from 17 different buttonholes. And there's more than just function stitches: create really interesting details with 133 decorative stitches and 35 quilting stitches. You can edit or create new stitches with the "Stitch Designer" function. Individual stitch settings are stored temporarily, and you can save them in your memory for future projects.

Automatic thread cutter and stitch stop function

Thanks to the automatic stitch stop function, you no longer have to perform backward stitching to prevent the seam from unraveling. You just need to press the stitch stop button at the end of the seam. Then press the automatic thread cutter button, the threads are cut, and the stitching is finished! You can program these functions for your pedal with back-kick function: press the pedal once, the stitching is automatically finished and the threads cut!

Sew comfortably

With the semi-automatic needle threader, threading the needle will be a breeze: the presser foot is automatically lowered to the correct position, and the additional thread cutter holds the thread in place. The toggle to raise or lower the presser foot will make your sewing more comfortable as your hands are free to guide the fabric. With the built-in Dual Transport, which is easy to activate, materials of all kinds are transported evenly from the top and bottom.

Embroidery module with three frames of different sizes and frame recognition

With the three frames provided, it is easy to find the right frame for the size of your embroidery. You can do embroideries up to 260 x 160 mm without re-stitching the fabric. The frames open and close easily thanks to the quick release system. The automatic hoop recognition function allows you to see the default embroidery area of each hoop on the touchscreen to enable you to tailor the embroidery motif to perfection.

Embroidery motifs: lots of creative possibilities

There are 208 embroidery motifs and 7 alphabets pre-installed on the machine, so you will have a wide selection of motifs at your disposal. The motifs can be processed on the touchscreen, so you can easily rotate, flip or combine individual elements. Want something that is truly yours? Upload your embroidery motifs or the motifs you have processed and combined into your BERNINA Toolbox software using a USB flash drive. The b79 is compatible with most embroidery motif formats : you no longer have to resort to software to convert files.

BERNINA Toolbox, the easy-to-use embroidery software.

Unleash your creativity with the Editing and Lettering modules and with 300 embroidery motifs and 100 additional fonts pre-installed. Each module contains a wide selection of embroidery motifs that can be downloaded from the BERNINA cloud. You can also process embroidery motifs directly on the cloud, using a tablet or laptop.

For the best sewing and embroidery results.

With the 7 mm needle plate, you can make wonderful decorative stitches up to 7 mm wide. The straight-stitch needle plate comes standard with the b79 for flawless embroidery results. The machine automatically recognizes the needle plate in use, shows you all compatible needles and automatically adjusts the stitch width range.

Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare
Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare

The b79 is the top model in the series

Offers everything creative people need

Bernette b79 | Macchina per cucire e ricamare

Features and Information

  • Stitch width 7 mm
  • Drop-in looper system
  • Length of the free arm to the right of the needle 230mm
  • Area for embroidery 260 x 160mm
  • Stitches 500
  • Patterns for embroidery 208
  • Buttonholes (including round buttonholes) 17 (at 1 time)
  • Sewing speed (stitches/minute) 1000
  • Embroidery speed (stitches/minute) 850
  • Accessories included:
  • Feet-de-biche (10x)
  • Bobbins (3x)
  • Thread unwinding net
  • Bobbins (2x)
  • Brush and buttonhole cutter
  • Large thread unwinding disc (1x)
  • Medium thread unwinding disc
  • Small thread unwinding disc (2x)
  • Felt holder
  • Second thread holder pin
  • Touchscreen stylus
  • Edge guide ruler
  • Screwdriver
  • Dust cover
  • Power cord
  • Foot pedal
  • Oil

✔️ Download the operating instructions here

✔️ Download the brochure with model comparison here