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🧵 If you are a company or professional in the sector, access area b2b
🧡​ DISCOUNT up to 30% valid TODAY for a DOUBLE SAVINGS up to 60%

The bernette 38 is the top model in the bernette series

This computerized sewing machine offers a wide range of functions at an affordable price. It offers 394 different stitches, including stretch stitch for stretch fabrics. This means you can create, for example, fantastic T-shirts from jersey fabric. Bernette 38 also has eight different one-step buttonholes and three alphabets. In addition, it has a storage function through which you can save various pattern combinations and access them later. Bernette 38 features a speed controller, which can be adjusted on the display. This top-of-the-line model also has a bright LED light, a threader , an automatic thread cutter and a manual thread cutter. The bernette 38 comes with eight different slab feet and a large additional top.

The Top-of-the-line Machine

Make flawless seams

Making flawless seams, stitch by stitch!

  • Automatic limitation for double needles When you switch from a single needle to a double needle, the "double needle" button will help you adjust your needle to the presser foot so that the former does not inadvertently hit the presser foot and risk breaking. The "double needle safety" function limits the stitch width so that the needle does not hit the presser foot

  • How to adjust the presser foot pressure according to the material. For some materials, such as light or thin fabrics, it is advisable to adjust the presser foot pressure. Your bernette 38 offers this very useful function.

  • Automatic thread cutter and knotting function When you reach the end of a seam, the thread must be knotted to prevent it from opening. Normally, this is done with a quick back and forward stitch. With the bernette 38, this is no longer necessary thanks to its automatic knotting function. Simply select the knotting button at the end of the seam, and it will close automatically. When you have finished your sewing project, press the automatic thread cutter button and slip your completed finished work out from under the needle without having to pick up the scissors

  • Additional table for large sewing projects built in The extra top that comes with the bernette 38 is easy to attach and detach and provides more space for large sewing projects such as dresses, quilts or curtains

  • Eight insole feet are included: the right foot for any application Eight insole feet and a stable presser foot board are included with your bernette 38. You can select the appropriate presser foot for any type of sewing. For example, you can choose the zigzag foot for zigzag stitches, the satin foot for your satin stitches, and the buttonhole foot for making your own buttonholes. With the right presser feet, you can make your sewing projects quickly and with excellent stitch quality.

Bernette 38 | Macchina da Cucire
Bernette 38 | Macchina da Cucire
Bernette 38 | Macchina da Cucire
Bernette 38 | Macchina da Cucire

Unleash your creativity

All you need is a bernette: a quality machine from the Swiss tradition with many functions!

Bernette 38 | Macchina da Cucire

Features and Information

  • Stitch width 7 mm
  • Drop-in looper system
  • Length of the free arm 170 mm
  • Stitch patterns 394
  • Buttonholes 8(1 step)
  • Sewing speed 820 stitches/minute.

Included with the Bernette 38

  • Presser foot pressure lever
  • Zigzag foot: A (mounted on machine)
  • Overlock foot: C
  • Zipper foot: E
  • Satin-stitch foot: F
  • Blindstitch foot: G
  • Button foot: T
  • Open-toe foot: F2
  • Buttonhole foot: R
  • Assortment of needles.
  • Toggle fastener (X 2) (large) (1 mounted on the machine )
  • Spool catcher (X 2) (small)
  • Second spooler holder
  • Spoline (X 4) (1 mounted on the machine)
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint brush
  • Sunburst cutter
  • Bobbin net
  • Suitcase
  • Pull-out arm
  • Rheostat

✔️ Download the operating instructions here

✔️ Download the brochure with model comparison here